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 Venerdì, 17 dicembre 2004

The network is the blog
...the dictionary definition of "blog" is correct, but it says nothing about the network in which the blog participates.

By way of analogy, consider a dictionary definition of a telephone: "an instrument that converts voice and other sound signals into a form that can be transmitted to remote locations and that receives and reconverts waves into sound signals." That's fine if you already know what a telephone network is, but the definition doesn[base ']t work on its own.

Just as telephones are meaningful only when connected to the telephone network, so blogs are meaningful only when connected to the blog network. [continua - di Jon Udell]

Ho idea che questo parallelo blog/telefono per spiegare l'importanza della rete nello spiegare i weblog finirà presto in una qualche mia presentazione ;-)

Un rischio concreto
Blogging community predictions: "And more agencies will tell clients they know all about blogs, when they don't. Forget about corporations seeing the weblog light, uninformed agencies will see the weblog dollar and their clients will pay twice - first, for the 'advice' that they will receive and then for the damage it will do to their brand." [via Corporate Blogging]

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