Investor Series

At Activate, of all the questions we get from startup founders, those that feel most urgent are all about fund raising and approaching investors. So we thought that it would have been interesting to approach some investors, ask them a few questions and make a podcast and a video!

We worked with the amazingly good team of T/F/D to organise the show, find the right people and put the whole production together.

The idea is simple: over a few weeks Stephanie Forrest and myself will be asking the same questions to a bunch of different types of investors. Some basic stuff (what made you become an investor?), some challenging stuff (what investment do you regret?) some low hanging fruits (what is the top tip for a startup pitch?).

We then chat about other topics: what it means to invest in the UK, how much should an investor get involved in a startup, what kind of startups do different investors prefer.

In this first… uh… season we are starting with five investors, starting on Thursday 7th. You can subscribe to the podcast on the web site, or you can follow our YouTube channel. Enjoy.

State of the Net Podcast – Episode 14

Since blogging is one of the key topics of this episode, I’m posting this here first.

In this episode we chat about the 50th anniversary of UNIX, problems at Google, the stories that we tell ourselves and how the world thinks. We hear about Euan’s intention to leave Facebook and how attractive the idea of going back to blogging is, preparing for a blogging renaissance.  

And here’s a link to Euan’s brand new blog!

You can subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, using the good ol’ feed, or you can just click play below.

Sotn Podcast, episode 10

First Euan said: “Social media isn’t broken, people are.” And then we started discussing about the most recent news, how social media shapes conversations and conversations shape social media, how Filipinos influence everything we see, how India and Africa are evolving, and we finish by revealing the way to happiness.

SotN Podcast s01e09

First episode of 2019, recorded on the day of the Macintosh 35th anniversary, this episode is all about Euan and myself: the Apple fan boys. From experiences through this long stretch of history of computing, to the usual complaining about how things could be better, to the incredibly still fresh amazement for how technology changes our life every day.