Quarantine random thoughts #4

It’s another lovely sunny day in London, and here’s the view from my window this morning.

You know what? I’m fine!

It’s what I keep repeating myself: right now I’m just fine. I’m warm. I have food and booze. I have the Internet. I’m more in touch with my friends and family than ever, and they seem to be fine too. The future hasn’t happened yet, the past is gone. Let’s not get carried away from the news and all those stats.

Anyway, since yesterday we are quarantined for good. We have to stay home. Protect the NHS.

Like everyone else I got the text message from Her Majesty government, which links to a site which displays these logos:

Now… I don’t know why, but the fact that they had to come up with a bunch of bad logos for this slogan annoys me. I’m sure that they employed some nudge unit to come up with the most effective way to convince people. And yes, just telling them to stay home clearly was not working. But still… really? Protect the NHS? Bah…

For future memory, this week the rules are:

  • Work from home if you can;
  • You can go out to get food and medicines, but you have to stay at least 2 metres away from other people;
  • You can go out once a day for physical activity, but only with one other person of your household;
  • The police will be enforcing this!

I wonder if the police will come house by house to force you to go out for some physical activity. That would solve a whole set of other problems for the NHS!

But today, after 5 days, I did go out to get some groceries. I still have plenty, but since my experience last week with the desperately empty shelves I was a bit concerned, so I figured that it was worth going out, maybe get the last scraps of food before everything was finished and the great famine of 2020 would start.

My local Marks & Spencer supermarket is now limiting the number of people who can enter the place at the same time, so I joined the nice and well distanced queue.

It took about 10 minutes, and once I got in… I could not believe my eyes!

I’ve been shopping here for 5 years, and I had never seen this place so well stocked! Not only they had everything but they had a lot of everything!

So now I have eggs.

In other news, this week we also had some time to record a new episode of the SotN podcast, as usual get it where you get your podcasts, or just listen here:

We just got some very nice comments about the show. To be honest I would do this even if nobody was listening, I just have fun and every time I learn something new. But knowing that somebody else out there is enjoying these too is great!

And this is all for today. Stay safe, be nice, keep in touch.