On my way back

I’m at the airport, too early as usual, on my way back from Reboot10.

It’s almost trite, but it’s worth repeating: Reboot is fantastic experience. It’s not only the great talks (unfortunately some work related issues forced me to sit in a corner of the public spaces if not in my hotel room for quite some time and I have lost some very interesting ones), most of all it’s the people.

This conference attracts a crowd with an incredible percentage of very, very smart people. It’s exciting and humbling, a great experience. It’s definitely the best event of the year.

The list of interesting people I met is just too long to report (I would forget too many names), and the best part is that it’s not only the usual suspects, I have met for the first time a whole bunch of persons that I’m really looking forward to meet again.

Thanks everybody for these extraordinary days.


Reeplay.it is a company I have been working with for a while, we presented the concept last year at Le Web 3.0, and finally last week we opened to the general public: now everybody can subscribe and use it.

Here’s a short introductory video:

The basic idea is simple: bookmark your favorite videos and play them back on any device. We’ll take care of storing, transcoding, distributing, sharing, etc.
There’s a ton of additional features in the pipeline, but feature-wise I think we have reached critical mass: it’s useful enough to get the first users on board and start collecting feedback.

Hello World

Welcome to this new blog.

All my old stuff has been saved and it continues to be available at the old urls (well… at least this is what I’m trying to do).

But from this post on I’m continuing with a new tool, a new template and hopefully some new ideas.

I wonder if there’s still anybody out there.