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Google Drive: a dead-end.

I have installed Google Drive this morning, hoping that we could use it as an alternative to Dropbox for an upcoming product we’re working on. The need is simple: let users publish an RSS feed. From a first analysis (I … Continue reading

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Rant #2

I love Skype. It’s probably the application I use most, if it wasn’t for Skype my company could not exist in the form it has today, spread across 4 countries (we are a mini-multinational). When conferencing with multiple parties, the … Continue reading

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Another bloated apps rant

About 20 minutes ago I decided to do a little job which involved choosing a photo I took last week and use it to create a banner for a client’s site. The mission required to start Aperture, select a project, right … Continue reading

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These maps from Stamen are seriously cool. (via Daring Fireball) For example, this is Gorizia: I have played with OpenStreetMap lately, and it has significantly improved since I had last checked it a few years ago. The fact that any … Continue reading

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