360 Panorama: highly recommended

I have really been enjoying 360 Panorama lately. If you don’t know already, it’s an iOS/Android application that lets you take panoramic images very easily. Yesterday for example, while cutting a corner trough Hampstead Heath, I took this:

It’s pretty cool to see it embedded, but it’s absolutely awesome if you open this link on your iPhone and you click on the “gyroscope” icon: http://360.io/B5T3K5.

At that point just hold your phone in front of you and turn around, and you will experience the panorama in a completely different way.

Now I could tell you the story of the early QuickTime VR shots, using cameras, tripods with custom-built mounts, actual film, Philips PhotoCD, and controlling the stitching application via command line in MPW. But I won’t.

State of the Net 2012

So it’s official: there will be another State of the Net Conference in June.

I’m very happy about this, the 2008 edition was a huge success, but the following years we had not been able to find the resources to run it again, then we all had our other priorities and crises, and we did not organise it anymore.

This year, mostly thanks to Beniamino’s endless energy, we’ll do it again.

I think that this is a good time for another Sotn, there are just too many things that need to be thought again, and even if we have just started putting the agenda together, we can already see that it will be a very interesting event. How could it be any different? We have great partners, sponsors, and the most beautiful location in the most beautiful city at the end of June.

How can you possibly not come? See you all in Trieste.