Hope for Flickr?

For the first few days the news about Marissa Mayer becoming the CEO of Yahoo was good but not that interesting to me: I’m not using any Yahoo product.

And then I remembered: Flickr!

I have always liked the service, and I have years of pictures uploaded there. I still prefer to upload a photo to Flickr rather than Facebook (well… I do upload stuff to Instagram too, but that’s another story).

I have all my food porn photos on Flickr, and I love paging through years of archives in calendar form.

I was ready to give up, and not renew my pro account next December. But now who knows… maybe there’s hope for Flickr. (Or maybe Marissa will shut it down).

PS: it looks like I’m not alone. And someone is listening.

Start from sharing

Last week Euan Semple wrote an interesting post about his experience working with managers in companies:

Working, as I do, mostly with managers in their forties and fifties I would say that 90% are unsure of themselves online. Yes they are on Facebook and Linkedin, and some of them have Twitter accounts, but their use of these tools is predominantly passive. They are consuming rather than creating stories.

I think that the pressure that these managers feel is mostly due to the nature of today’s blogging style: while when I started 10 years ago blogs were mostly lists of links with short notes, today blogs are almost always collections of short essays. Like this one. And usually, with no links.

Luca De Biase recently wrote “nobody is linking anymore… the blogosphere is turning into a newsstand where everybody is pushing their own newspaper, not understanding that when alone they are weaker”.

In a corporate environment we should rediscover links as a way to narrate the world and enhance our point of view. That’s why we have designed CQSpark trying to make linking and sharing as easy as possible. You can post original content if you want to, but most of all you can share your unique perspective on the enormous amount of data which is flowing in front of all of us every day. In other words: you post links.