360 Panorama: highly recommended

I have really been enjoying 360 Panorama lately. If you don’t know already, it’s an iOS/Android application that lets you take panoramic images very easily. Yesterday for example, while cutting a corner trough Hampstead Heath, I took this:

It’s pretty cool to see it embedded, but it’s absolutely awesome if you open this link on your iPhone and you click on the “gyroscope” icon: http://360.io/B5T3K5.

At that point just hold your phone in front of you and turn around, and you will experience the panorama in a completely different way.

Now I could tell you the story of the early QuickTime VR shots, using cameras, tripods with custom-built mounts, actual film, Philips PhotoCD, and controlling the stitching application via command line in MPW. But I won’t.