Quarantine random thoughts #13

I accidentally bumped into someone yesterday.

At Marks & Sparks, I was reaching for a bottle of fresh orange juice, she stepped back from the pub-lunch ready-meals section, our shoulders touched for an instant. “Sorry”, “sorry”. Six weeks to the day since I had any physical contact with another human. I can reset the counter now.

Wednesday was my birthday. Last month attending an online birthday celebration with a whole bunch of people was interesting. Now it seems we have all had enough of online group celebrations. Or at least I have.

But I still want to implement the “Negroni fountain” plan, in my garden, sometime this summer. Ryanair says they will start flying in July. Planning to be on the first flight out of here.

Speaking of Negroni: I have concluded that Italian red vermouth gives me weird dreams. And I mean seriously weird. Must be the wormwood. I also confirmed that Antica Formula is worse than Cocchi (I still have a third of a bottle of Antica Formula, I think I will introduce lunch-time Negronis to finish it away from sleep time).

Everything else is continuing just as before: zoom call after zoom call after zoom call. I was reading this article about bookshelves of celebrities spotted on ‘house calls’ and realised that I miss my bookshelves in Italy. They would be a much better background than my kitchen/living room. I considered other angles in my room, but nothing really works: here it’s back-light, there is booze, the dark door… I’l stick with the “oven angle”.

My room, May 1st 2020.

I hear that things are slowly restarting in Italy, among all sorts of complains (if there ever was a loose-loose situation for a politician, this is it). Things are slower in the UK, and the numbers are still dreadful. I also have the feeling that we are mostly hearing the worse possible predictions, while in fact “no one has any idea of what the fuck is happening or what we should do about it“.

Oh, and we recorded another episode of the podcast. This is a good one.

This is it. Stay safe, be nice, keep in touch.