Quarantine random thoughts #24

This is the last post of this series. I’m at the airport, on my way to Italy, once I get there I cannot keep calling this “quarantine”. It’s a bit surreal, the information screens that I have spent hours checking, exploring the list of destinations are now almost empty.

I’m happy to be heading home, but at the same time I feel strangely sad about the end of this weird period. The truth is that in many ways I enjoyed it, it has been a good time for reflection. People pay to go to meditation retreats like this!

I have completely emptied my fridge, eating everything I had (except for a single red onion that I threw away). At this point I’m planning to be away for a couple of months. Then… we’ll see, this doesn’t seem to be a good years for plans, anyway I don’t have any flight booked.

Speaking of eating all food, I added some extra garlic in my pasta yesterday. Life lesson #386: if you eat extra garlic and then you happen to be wearing a face mask, everything is going to be all right until you try to talk.

Well… that’s all folks. I’ll go have my haircut tomorrow morning, and there’s a lot of barbecue in my future.

Stay safe, be nice.

3 thoughts on “Quarantine random thoughts #24”

  1. So Happy your heading home to Monica your post photo of you looks great. Travel safe and post your return when u get there. Hugs.

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