Quarantine random thoughts #10

I haven’t been out for almost a week, and it feels strangely normal. It’s just what we do these days.

The narrative has been slowly shifting, in the news they have started talking about the government “exit strategy”, how are we going to get out of this. It’s still early, so to save everybody time I have prepared this:

I don’t watch any broadcast television, but I do see a good amount of advertising on YouTube, and I have noticed how suddenly mid-last week a whole number of new commercials have started being Covid-19 orientated. It feels like all major brands waited for a couple of weeks to see if all this was just going away, and then decided to switch.

I did see a “Crisis and opportunity” white paper describing the amazing opportunity that marketeers have to create content for people stuck at home. Probably true, but kinda sad.

I’m getting a bit of a 2002 early blogging feeling. Some of the same people (including me) have started to re-emerge and do stuff online, it’s great to see again old friends. I can only imagine what it will take to get us back to blogging the next time.

Stay safe, be nice, keep in touch.