Quarantine random thoughts #11

End of week 5. At least three more to go. So far, so good.

It has been one month since I last touched another person. It’s not that I particularly miss anything (I’m not tempted to go out and try to touch a stranger), it’s just another item on the “it never happened in the last 49 years” list.

I went to Waitrose yesterday. Long queue outside, it took about 20 minutes to get inside. In other situations I might have been annoyed, but not yesterday. I enjoyed being outside, listening to my audio book, counting tiles on the floor trying to keep track of the 2 meters from the person in front of me. Just being there.

Queue outside Waitrose, West Ealing.

People in this country are particularly well suited for social distancing in public spaces. Outside any pandemic, every trip to the supermarket requires saying “sorry” at least 10 times, just because you happen to walk in the same aisle of anyone else, so no big change, the only difference is that now you should exchange the “see what we have to go through mate?” look.

I still don’t have a very positive feeling about how the crisis is being managed in this country (see? this is me practicing understatement). We have no idea of what the plans are for the future, apparently the populace cannot be trusted with the plan. Boris is still MIA, recovering. So it’s stay home, protect the… whatever.

This week I watched Louis CK latest comedy special. Louis CK was my favourite comedian before the scandal. After watching this, Louis CK is still my favourite comedian (and yes, he does mention the elephant in the room).

And we recorded another episode of the SotN podcast. Available on all podcasting platforms, or just clicking below.

Okay… I guess that this is it for this update. You stay safe, be nice, and keep in touch.