Quarantine random thoughts #6

I need a haircut.

I had my last one just before Christmas and I was planning to get my next one on my first trip to Italy (I prefer to go to my guy). So here’s the situation:

It’s not that bad yet, but as everybody says: it will get worse before it get better. I have seen people grabbing a clipper and heading to a bathroom all by themselves, but I’m not so brave. I will stick to my decision and get my next cut when I manage to go back to Gorizia. With my guy. It’s gonna get hairy.

Yesterday I realised that it has been two weeks since I spoke to anyone in person.

I did go out a couple of times, but I didn’t had to talk to anyone, not even at a supermarket till (I use the app, remember?).

While I was thinking that this might have been some kind of record, and that never in my life I had such a long stretch, and who knows how long it could last, the upstairs neighbor knocked on my door. “Is everything all right?” “Yep, you?” “Yep” “Well, call if you need anything” “Sure, thanks, you too” “Bye” “Bye”. And that was the end of my record.

There’s a Tado smart thermostat in my flat.

It’s not that smart, it just has an app that you use to programme it. The only smart thing it does should be geofencing: detect when I’m out and turn off the heating (which is not the most useful feature at the moment). Anyway, when I went out for 20 minutes to pick up some groceries on Monday, Tado did notice that I was out, and set itself in away mode. When I came back Tado did not notice. So I ended up woking up in a very cold flat on Tuesday morning. 🙄

Oh, and we recorded another episode of the Sotn podcast. Just one week later.

Stay safe, be nice, keep in touch.