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Updated: 1-05-2007; 18:41:53.

 Domenica, 8 aprile 2007

Jaiku abused by Italians

Since everybody is discussing jaiku vs. twitter I tried creating an account on Jaiku and got stopped by this error message. Looks like we abused the system. Oh well...

My New iPod
Meanwhile I'm enjoing my brand new iPod. After the very first 5Gb one and a Shuffle, this is my third iPod. II'm amused by how, no matter how much stuff I'm loading onto it, the 80Gb disk is hardly getting to 10% of its capacity. I moved on it all the music I had on my MacBook and a couple of TV series, and at last I can subscribe to some podcasts (recommendations for good podcasts welcome). I would like to put all my music on it, which sits on a big disk at home, but I don't want to synchronize it with my home Mac because I prefer to keep it in synch while I'm on the go. But I don't want to put all my music library on my MacBook. Must find some hack.

I got a copy of VisualHub, a sweet little app which is quietly converting my video stuff in iPod format.

Next step is setting up an iPod connection in my car, where I'm planning to use it a lot.
Getting old
Four days before turned 10, my weblog turned 5. I had totally forgot until I checked my calendar today. Happy Easter to everybody :-)

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