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Updated: 19-12-2005; 9:41:50.

 Mercoledì, 26 novembre 2003

We have just increased out bandwidth at the colocation facilty by 10 times. This page should now download much faster  (well, comments and google ads are slowing it a little bit, but we did it for our customers, not for this weblog ;-).
Tim Bray today links to different taxonomies by different bloggers:
Some of these taxonomies are nested, other are flat.

Looking at them I still think that we could easily use this metadata with the approach we are taking for K-collector. You can almost instantly notice how several identical topics used in more than one of the taxonomies linked above. A lot of them also appear on our k-collector site.

Where everything breaks is in the RSS feeds. Let's see how each blogger include (or doesn't include) topics/categories in his feed:

Apparently there are no category/topic information in his feed.

<dc:subject xmlns:dc="" rdf:resource=""/>
<dc:subject xmlns:dc="" rdf:resource=""/>

Apparently there are no category/topic information in his feed, but there are per-category feeds.


To make things worse, I use yet another method to describe topics in my feeds: ENT.

Bottom line? I guess that it all boils down to what we want to do with these taxonomies. As long as they are simply a tool used by every author to organize what he writes there are not going to be problems or conflicts.

The day we will want to be able to compare opinions about the same topics expressed by different authors, possibly in the same page, a solution will have to be found. 

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