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Updated: 18-12-2005; 18:34:34.

 Martedì, 1 luglio 2003

At BlogTalk in Vienna we heard Henry Copeland talking about weblogs and advertising.

During the long drive back, talking with Matt, we imagined a service where any blogger could pick the banners of companies he really cares about or talk about on his weblog. It would make much more sense than the current AdSense where ads are placed on your site according to what google thinks you like, not what you really like. It's what Don Park is saying today.

Nonetheless, AdSense seems to work. I am subscribing and see what happens, even in case of bad ads, if it could mean money at the moment I'm interested.

Given the kind of traffic that this (and most other blogs) get, getting linked from top bloggers will suddenly become a matter of money. Only a couple of days ago, Dave wrote about

What would it be worth to you, not in monetary terms, but in support terms, to keep this going.

Putting ads on your blog would suddenly make the monetary terms important as well. Will this influence the relationship between bloggers?

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