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Updated: 18-12-2005; 18:22:49.

 Venerdì, 14 febbraio 2003

This is why I like my world: this morning Matt asked me if there was a way for him to add soft shadows to the images on his weblog. Avoiding all solutions that would require using a graphics application, I patched together a simple table that adds scalable shadows to any picture of any size, allowing him to define the border size and color for every image.

Matt created a simple Radio macro that makes managing such table very simple, and now everybody can download the macro and use it on their weblogs.

Good people, good tools, good communication. Welcome to the real world.

PS: the macro only works if your weblog's background color is white.

metaWeblog.newMediaObject is a new XML-RPC method that weblog systems may support. It’s part of the MetaWeblog API.

It allows external editors to upload images, movies, and so on to weblogs. NetNewsWire doesn’t support this yet, but it will. []

This is very interesting, it opens a huge window of opportunities for weblogging applications and content management systems in general. Can't wait to see what kind of tools will be developed around this XML-RPC method.

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