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 Venerdì, 7 febbraio 2003

To Infinity and Beyond!

Will the animation giant dump Disney for a more profitable deal? [The Motley Fool]

Looks like Steve's other toy is doing well.

I still remember the days when we were using Pixar's RenderMan software to render 3D models using an old NeXT Color Station. and Pixar was still software company.

Microsoft is jealous (and scared of) of Slash Dot and Scripting News. [Scobleizer]

Very interesting piece on Microsoft and how they manage communities and PR. I don't think that they will ever get it...

I want a WYSIWYG Editor in my browser!
Your Thoughts Go Here.

Ok, so let's try an experiment. If you want to give me GUI feedback on Safari, post a comment or a trackback in response to this blog entry. I will read the comments and follow all trackbacks for information about what changes/additions you'd most like to see in Safari. If you have a non-GUI request, e.g., some specific CSS flaw or DOM flaw that you feel should be really high priority, you can post here too.

[Surfin' Safari]

Everybody's asking for Tabbed Browsing, what about a cool WYSIWYG editor for this browser? Think that it would make Safari the default browser for all blog and browser-based CMS users. It has to be easy for the users. It has to be easy for the developers. Let me just add a parameter to a TEXTAREA tag, and have WYSIWYG enabled. I bet that all developers would immediately implement it.

Safari already has Spell Checking working. Now we want WYSIWYG.

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