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Updated: 18-12-2005; 18:21:19.

 Lunedì, 27 gennaio 2003

Instant Comments

To describe better what I just wrote below, this is just a brief example of a very short (and useless) conversation I've just had with Marc Canter about this post in his weblog.

I could have just left a comment, but than I would have had to keep checking for a reply. Doing it via IM was quick and painless. Of course, this exchange should be attached to his post as well.

It just makes sense

Be careful what you promise. [Scripting News]

Heh! This goes into the same chapter of my earlier post !

IM and Blogs

Dave started this very interesting thread on weblogs and IM.

I use both technologies a lot. I use IM to interact with most of the people I work with, to the point that even when I talk to them on the phone we usually keep an IM window open to exchange links or images while we talk. I also use weblogs both for public and internal publishing.

Currently i use two IM clients, Proteus for ICQ, Yahoo and MSN protocols and iChat for AIM. Both applications provide an History features, while Proteus keeps an history based on users I talk with (meaning that for each person I interact with there's a file containing all our exchanges since the beginning of times), iChat keeps a history based on sessions. Both are barely usable, the first one because the file is huge and hard to search, the second one because there are hundreds of session and they are hard to search as well.

What I would like to have is a tool to attach IM conversations to weblog posts, just like there are comments linked to each post today.

Just like you can click on the Yahoo icon here on the right and start a conversation with me right away, you could do the same clicking on a link next to each post. The conversation could then remain attached to the post. I would also like to be able to link a conversation to an existing post.

This would probably not be applicable to public weblogs, also if it happens all the times that people ping me because they find a link to my IM address on this page and it's usually quite interesting, but it would definitely be very useful to manage internal communications on our k-logs.

Targeted advertising

It's what we have been promised, uh? Advertising tailored to our profiles. Right. But what about context? Some ads just don't fit in some pages. This is what I just got on Wired.

Between Iraq and a Hard Place

Find one hour (even four quarters are okay) and check out this Channel 4 show. Between gags there are a lot of historical facts worth considering.

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