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Updated: 17-12-2007; 16:35:00.

 Venerdì, 2 novembre 2007

Introducing Evectors Pages.

Yesterday Blognation run a post about Evectors Pages (thanks for the great post Amanda), a new technology we have been working on recently.

Working on a client's project, we wanted to introduce a tool which would allow several authors to work on the same document, while maintaining ownership of their contributions to the page. A sort of wiki organized in posts if you like, or a blog page not in reverse chronological order.

Not finding an existing application doing what we needed, we started working on a new app with some new ideas.

For example, an interesting characteristic of Pages' architecture is the fact that all editing tools are based on Ajax and run fully in the browser. Html code for each post is generated in the browser and sent to a server via a set of API. Not only this allow real time editing on the page, without any reload, but it also takes all the rendering load off the server, to the point that there are no calls to any database when serving a page, allowing very flexible architectures and big scalability.

Pages is completely modular, each module talking with others via a set of simple API. For example we can very easily replace the authentication layer, extend the editorial tools features or modify the rendering service.

This is just a first step, we have some very interesting plans for the future of this technology. If you want to give it a try, ping me and I'll be happy to invite you to the beta program.

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