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Updated: 2-07-2007; 17:02:18.

 Mercoledì, 13 giugno 2007

K-Collector reloaded
A long time ago, working with Matt, we developed an enterprise news aggregator that was using tags (which back then we were innocently calling topics) to aggregate and distribute information within a company.

The latest incarnation of what was called K-Collector is Nòva100, which we opened today in total beta mode and that we have been developing for the financial newspaper Il Sole 24 ORE. Nòva100 is using RSS feeds and tags to dynamically collect and layout posts from 100 TypePad Business class blogs.

Content is presented in 3 views:

Among the little features I like there's the tag cloud which uses related tags metadata (each time two tags appear in the same post we make their relationship stronger) to highlight other tags while you use it, and a dynamically resized iframe in the river of news view, which keeps the reading space as large and usable as possible as you resize and scroll around the window.

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