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Updated: 1-04-2006; 16:26:22.

 Martedì, 28 marzo 2006

Turns out that also Richard MacManus and Phillip Pearson were also starting to blog 4 years ago, both inspired by Dave, both on the other side of the planet from where I'm writing. We are the Radio UserLand Generation.

Commenting my post Stowe Boyd offers some useful ideas to keep the enthusiasm alive:

  1. Get out of the rut -- Write about something you have never written about before. Read new people. Wander around. Get out of your RSS reader.
  2. Interview smart people -- Even if you think you have nothing new to write, there are others out there not suffering from that delusion.
  3. Try new techniques -- Tired of facing the empty screen? Try audio or video. Write a poem.
  4. Help others -- I recently read Deep Survival by Laurence Gonzales, and it turns out that one of the characteristics of survivors is that they are altruistic. Even in moments of great danger they hold on and work towards survival by consciously choosing to help others, or try to survive so that loved ones won't suffer.
  5. Change your blog -- Change the template, add new widgets, create a sideblog with comments about your aspirations, travel, or geolocation. Fool with it with the goal of making it a better representation of your relationship to the world.
Very interesting, I'm going to try to follow some of these advices.

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