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Updated: 1-04-2005; 15:01:02.

 Mercoledì, 16 marzo 2005

Blogging and social networking at Yahoo!
Dave likes Flickr, I love it too: it's now at the top of this page. While expert bloggers are using all kind of services from many different vendors, Yahoo! 360 could soon offer the global service for... "the rest of us".

Apparently the big company is getting ready with a bunch of new blogging and social software services, probably adding to the blogging platform all in all their current services (photos, reviews, groups, RSS aggregator) spiced up with some social networking features.

Stowe Boyd reported recently about Peter Kaminsky saying that the kind of social software that works is the one that allows people to build things together. This is why Flickr works so well.

Putting together their existing applications, the huge number of users that they already have and social networking could lead to some interesting places...

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