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 Domenica, 28 settembre 2003

Dan Gillmor: The Internet has become a grossly commercialized Wild West in so many ways. But the community spirit on which it was founded is alive and well. The Net depends on the same spirit that motivates volunteers in the physical world: a commitment to solve problems and make life better for those who might otherwise not have the resources or expertise. [...more]
Waking up at 7 this morning we found out that there was no power. The house main switches seemed to be okay. The church tower clock we see from our windows was stopped at 3:25.

A few phone calls later we discovered that the whole country was in the dark. Apparently both lines importing power from France failed. The situation is slowly recovering.

We sat in the car listening to the news (must get one of these), until the power came back at 8:05. Almost 5 hours with no energy.

Now it's time to check our servers situation.

From my aggregator:

Massive power cut hits Italy. Italy suffers a major electricity failure with unexplained blackouts from Turin to Sicily. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

Power Goes Out Across Italy. Power went out across Italy before dawn Sunday, plunging the nation into darkness, police and news reports said. By The Associated Press. [New York Times: International]

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