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 Mercoledì, 19 marzo 2003

Check out Kartoo. It's a very smart serach engines GUI. Very, very cool. [via Gigi Meroni]
I keep reading comments on the upcoming war. It's about oil. It's about freedom. It's about terror. It's about a nasty dictator. It's about business. It's going to be easy to win.

Unfortunately I'm now convinced that it's somehow much simpler than that. It's about power. And about lack of power. The U.S. feel that they can establish a new kind of imperialism to the world and that all existing international organizations, leftovers from the last century, are not needed anymore (if not to clean things up once they're done). Only Europe, as a friend od the US, could have opposed this imperialism. But we failed.

Right after September 11 the US were leading the largest coalition of countries ever seen. Now, whatever the US administration is saying, they are going to a war alone. Even in the countries officially supporting this war (Italy is one of them), very large majorities of the population are strongly against it.

There's something terribly wrong about all this.

PS: Dave corrects me. It's true, not only the British are fighting with the US, but also other countries will provide support, including France. Once a war starts sides must be taken, and nobody, at least in the Western world, will take Saddam's.

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