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Updated: 18-12-2005; 18:00:16.

 Domenica, 2 giugno 2002

DaveNet: The Googlish way to do Directories [Scripting News]

OPML as the standard format for directories, I like this.

It could also be extended, directories are not only collections of sites, but can also represent complex sites.

For example, in our Frontier based content management system, IdeaTools, we are using OPML directories to manage compex sites.

Take this e-commerce site, for example. It's in Italian, sorry, but anyway it's a standard e-commerce site, where you can navigate trough a... directory to find what are you looking for, then add it to your shopping basket and buy it.

Now, guess how the editor manages this directory.

Yup, with Radio UserLand! Here's how this site looks like to the editor in Radio:

At this point, adding a link to the xml directory into the html code of the home page would be very easy.

In the global directory, this site would look like a sub-directory, managed by the editor of the site.


Wireless or Lesswired?

Everybody seem to have discovered wireless networks. I agree that it's cool to be able to use you laptop anywhere in your house, office or other places, I bought an AirPort base station a few weeks after Apple introduced it and I have been happily surfing wireless since then.

I like it because as Nicholas Negroponte once said, it allows you to be part of your household (you can work while sitting on the couch with the rest of your family), and as Scott Johnson says, your cat can sleep on your lap when you work.

Before wireless, I used a somehow simpler and cheper technology that I called "very long wire network". It was based on having long ethernet cables in most rooms and just pluggin' in. It worked, but everybody kept tripping in the cables.

No more tripping with wireless? Well, not exactly.

I still need power, and also if my PowerBook does work for up to 3 hours without wires, then I have to plug it in somewhere, and there's again a cable linking me to a wall.

So, let's say that wireless networks have solved half of the problem, going from two to one cables. Now I want wireless power .

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