Five days with my Apple Watch



Five random thoughts:

1. the fact that you can check the time on this thing is as important as the fact that you can make phone calls with the other thing. While it defines their names (Apple Watch, iPhone), the really interesting parts are completely elsewhere.

2. while making my first phone call holding my watch to my face I realised that it’s not really a novelty: we used to do this all the time when we were kids. It’s just that now it works. Which isn’t necessarily a good thing (in any case, I would not do it in public).

3. the wrist movement I make when stabbing a piece of food with my fork is the same I make when checking the time. I think that eating using cutlery significantly reduces battery life.

4. it creates a whole new level of awareness. Because I can glance at notifications all the time, I do feel like I’m more in the flow. The absence of notification sounds (I muted it, I love its gentle tapping) and the fact that once you glance there isn’t much more you can do, makes it less distracting.

5. I do keep track of my physical activity monitors all the time. When Apple introduced Garage Band I picked up playing an instrument again. I wonder if the Apple Watch will get me to move a bit more.

3 things about Apple Watch



I think that the heart rate sensor is the most relevant feature of this product. It’s not just about fitness: with the right software having a constant monitor of heart rate and other activities will soon start saving lives. In a few years this class of products will have an impact on the healthcare budgets. It’s big.


Remember iPhone 1.0? iPod 1.0? iPad 1.0? Holding my first iphone today, it looks and feels like ancient technology. The current Apple Watch looks a bit chunky, but in no time it will become much sleeker. This is a 1.0.