Quarantine random thoughts #21

Damn… it’s Friday again. For the last couple of months my weeks have been: Monday, Friday, Sunday – Monday, Friday, Sunday… everything else is lost in a blur of zoom calls.

I did manage to go to Kew Gardens on Sunday. Weather was meh, most services in the park are closed and the flowerbeds were empty, but it’s still one of my favourite places.

Since I rebooted this blog I see blogs as the solution to everything (if all you have is a hammer…). In particular with people working apart (in different locations, different companies, different time zones) writing daily updates in the form of blog posts seems the most natural thing to do to avoid having more zoom calls and move more communication to asynchronous channels.

Except that even the concept of what is a “blog post” is not that clear to most people who never had the experience of a thriving community of bloggers. I’m trying different things, for example using a Slack channel as a blog, so far without too much success.

Or maybe it could be something else? Maybe podcasting or sharing videos could be an alternative. There’s no lack of tools or forms of expression, the challenge is convincing enough people to lead by telling good stories.

Meanwhile I’m looking forward to my haircut. Already booked, in exactly three weeks!

Stay safe, be nice, and keep in touch.