iOS 7 – day one notes

I was ready to fall in love immediately with the new os, and I must admit it didn’t happen last night after upgrading my iPhone 5.

This morning I do like it a little better.

Sometimes I don’t like good design at first sight. There has been more than one occasion when my first reaction to projects that had been developed for me has been “meh”, yet I ended up loving it later and even much much much later. I guess that new design languages made to last for a long time require some time to adapt. Not saying that this is the case, just saying that it could be.

It’s clearly the first OS designed for post retina display devices, it does work on the old ipad, but the smaller symbols and thin lines are clearly designed to work well on high resolution screens.

It’s unstable, it did crash a few times since yesterday. No big deal, you get back to the application so fast that it’s just a glitch, but I do hope it won’t crash while I’m writing this, and the very fact that I’m thinking this is a bad sign.

I have more than 50 apps queued up for updates (it was 0 a couple of days ago), it looks like most developers are embracing it. It’s more than one third of the apps I have installed on my phone updated within 24 hours from the release of a new OS, quite amazing if you think about it!