New google maps font problems

I’m a huge fan of maps, so I was eager to experiment with the new version of Google Maps. I did for a while, I don’t like it. Mostly it’s because I can’t easily access some of my favorite features (such as shortened URL to share a map, or terrain view).

But the worst problem is that at many zoom levels I could not read street names like in the old version. After some digging and experiments I got to this totally useless point (using the latest version of Chrome).

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 18.30.04

Now, of course I know that this is Pine between Taylor and Mason, but what if I didn’t?

Deleting the browser cache and data from hosted apps fixed the issue for a while, but after some zooming in and out it’s even worse.

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 18.43.24

No labels at all. Safari appears to work slightly better, but you would expect a Google product to work well with Google’s browser.

Yes, it’s a beta, and yes I have an old Mac Book Pro with an old video card which might not be managing OpenGL at its best.

I’m going back to the old Google maps, let’s hope that they won’t kill it too soon.