Paolo’s BBQ ribs

[schema type=”recipe” name=”BBQ Ribs” author=”Paolo” image=”” description=”Succulent BBQ ribs” prepmins=”10″ cookhours=”1″ cookmins=”30″ ]BBQ Ribs

Last night we cooked ribs again. Each time the recipe improves a little, I think I got to a pretty good standard. Here’s how I do it.

Everything starts with a whole rack of pork ribs and a bowl of my own special BBQ sauce.

BBQ Ribs

The ingredients for the sauce change from time to time, in this picture you can find pretty much everything I used this time:

BBQ Sauce Ingredients

Ingredients worth mentioning are the “Numero Uno Hot Sauce” by Fat Man Chilli which is absolutely fantastic, and the simple tomato paste (in the squeezed tube)  which is a key ingredient to get the great caramelized tomato taste.

I set up the BBQ using the indirect heat mode, soaked a handful of hickory chips, and once it’s ready I place the rack in the middle of the grill, cover it and set my timer at 10 minutes.

When it rings, I flip the rack, and apply the first layer of sauce at the top.


Then I set the timer again at 10 minutes, and wait patiently.

Weber BBQ

After ten minutes, flip it again, apply another layer of sauce, and sit to wait again. This is usually a good time to prepare a gin and tonic (we used the lovely Sipsmith Gin, highly recommended).

Flip after flip, layer of sauce after layer of sauce, you will end up with this nice combination of colors:

BBQ Ribs

After one hour, I cut the rack in pieces, apply the last layer of sauce on the cuts, and let it go for another 20 minutes.

BBQ Ribs

After one hour and a half, the ribs are perfectly cooked, incredibly succulent and tasty. Usually we try to leave a couple of pieces behind for a fantastic next day sandwich :)