Time to blog

I started blogging about 10 years ago. My first posts are still there. Blogging was in the air. We were writing our posts, aggregating our feeds and updating our blogrolls.

I was still working in a nice corner office, my company was well funded, and I “had no idea what kind of shit was about to go down”. Let’s just say that few months later somebody burst my bubble.

For the following three or four years blogging is what really kept me going. It gave me contacts, business, partners, ideas. For a while also some small visibility which at times has been useful (and at times annoying).

Then it faded out. It wasn’t for the emergence of other social networking tools, I didn’t really moved elsewhere, I just stopped sharing. Partially it was because the conversation on blogging tools was pretty much over. Partially because there was a lot of smarter people with more interesting stuff to say. And also because I reached a number of reader that scared me.

Anyway, “the times they are a-changin'” (big time!), I think I will have more to share this year: it’s time to start blogging again.