Introducing - Home Page
Last Sunday we launched the a new version of the site, the first project built on PagesPlus 2.0. is a community dedicated to word of mouth marketing, the new site sports many social networking features (and we have many more in the pipeline).
From the technical POV, besides the “traditional” aggregation and layout tools of PagesPlus, these are the key features offered by the ERM architecture:
  • user management (sign-up, sign-up on invite, profile management, password recovery)
  • brands section (feed aggregation, become fan)
  • products section (become fan, commenting, voting)
  • campaign section (invitation, join, comment, feedback, word of mouth reports, surveys)
  • relationship between users (friends, relatives, contacts, facebook contacts synchronization)
  • messaging system (both internal in/out box management and bridget to email, twitter, sms)
  • user private and public personal pages (ranking, activity stream)
It’s a very interesting job, and we enjoy working with the Zzub team. There is still a lot of work to do, and we are working on many details of the back-end of the system, but so far we are very please with PagesPlus 2.0 flexibility, the speed of development and the performances that we are experiencing.