Time to change ISP

Last Thursday one of our servers, hosted with an ISP in the Bay Area, suddenly disappeared from the Internet.

Turns out we were among the many victims of the cable cuts down in San Jose, as we found out hours later.
I’m not happy with how our ISP handled this incident. It’s not just for the outage, I’ve been in this business long enough to know that shit simply happens and sometimes there’s not much you can do about it.
I could also probably live with the fact that nobody on my team was able to reach tech support on the phone for hours.
I could live with the fact that they were so badly effected, that even their websites and email services were down.
I could live with the fact that they didn’t put an alert in their voicemail message, the only form of contact from the company, describing what was happening.
I could live with the total lack of feedback on their twitter account.
I could also live with the fact that we only got a message from them after the network was back on line, nine hours later.
What I cannot live with is the fact that the in the post mortem message I received after the incident, the company CEO was blaming “vandals/terrorists” for what happened.
Using the “t word” as an excuse is simply ridiculous. Time to find a new ISP.

One thought on “Time to change ISP”

  1. Agreed, there’s no excuse for the lack of communication and for using that word. Bad service is one thing, being treated like a stupid is on a totally different level.

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