New technology for Nòva100

We just went live with a new version of the Nòva100 site.
While, of course, I’m enthusiast about all our projects and deeply in love all our clients, Nòva100 is a little special because it has been the first site where we tested our idea of using an RSS aggregator as the core of a content presentation system.
The idea behind Nòva100 is simple: find 100 interesting people, and leave them completely free to write what they want on their blogs. Then automagically generate a site to aggregate and present their work, offering some new ways to discover interesting stuff.
What is new with this new version of the site is that it is based on the latest version of PagesPlus, which will provide a lot of added flexibility to the editors of the site.
I recorded a quick demo to show how editors can add manage content on any page of the site.

I’m quite happy with the quality of the technology that we have been developing lately, but most of all I’m incredibly proud of the amazing team of people I work with every day at Evectors.